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Artwork Requirements


We accept digital files in either PC or Mac format.

Please include a contact name, and details regarding the artwork.

Digital art can be e-mailed to us at:

Your Artwork and/or text files can be uploaded to our website, as well.

  • Select "Customize Item" on the product page. There is an "Engraving" text box. Input the text you want on the award in this box.

  • Attach your artwork/text file by selecting the "Browse" button next to "Attach Files".

  • Navigate to the location of the file(s) on your computer, select the file(s) and attach.

  • Input any special instructions (shipping info, etc) in the "Special Instructions text box.

Acceptable file formats:

VECTOR FILES (preferred): Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps (CS6 or lower), CorelDRAW .cdr, .cmx (X6 or lower), .pdf, .wmf, .svg, or other vector files.

Bitmap files-High Resolution: .tif, .psd, .pdd, .cpt, .bmp, .jpg (photos only) files created in Adobe Photoshop CS6 (or lower), or Corel Photopaint X6 (or lower), or a program that can export to the above file extensions.

Not Acceptable File Formats:

Low Resolution bitmaps (.jpg, [photographs must be high resolution], .gif, Word documents, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Publisher files).

Digital files must:

Include all logos and fonts, or convert all type to curves (outlines).

If fonts are not converted or included, we will match them as closely as possible, although an exact match can not be guaranteed.

For questions regarding artwork, please contact Susan Blackwood-Leedy @ 714-998-2611.

Quote of the Month: MS Word is NOT an artwork program!

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