Tips for Designing Custom Awards and Trophies to Market Your Brand

Custom awards and trophies can be provided to people who have excelled with your organization. The awards can be designed to be more memorable to the recipient while at the same time subtly marketing your brand. Today, custom awards can be made in just about any size, shape or color.

Instead of simply adding the recipients’ names on the awards, you can make them truly “custom” in various creative ways. Here are some ideas to make your custom awards stand out and have an impact on the recipients.

Go for Unconventional Shapes

The traditional rectangular-shaped award is so common that it may not realize the intended impact on the recipient. Why not create a custom award that has a unique shape? The award does not have to be restricted to geometrical shapes; it can even take the form of a sculpture. The award shape should complement the purpose of the award and could be inspired by:

  • The personality of the recipient
  • The environment where it is being presented
  • The title or occasion of the awards’ ceremony
  • The purpose or accomplishment of the award

Apart from shape, you can customize the award by color. For example, the award could be in your recipient’s favorite color.

Add More Personal Details


Adding personal details to an award will make it unique. Add some information that will make the recipient remember the purpose of the award. For example, you can incorporate:

  • The reason why the person is getting the award
  • The recipient’s accomplishment that made him/her be awarded

The details on the award should help the recipient remember why he/she was awarded in the first place.

Include a Memorable Photo


You can also feature your organization’s logo or a photo of the recipient that depicts the contribution that led to the award. For example, you can include the recipient's picture and the team they worked with, a personalized photo created by your organization to say thanks, a photo showing the results the recipient achieved, and so on.

Choose Quality Materials to Create Unique Designs

There are plenty of options to choose from when designing a special trophy and award, including acrylic, crystal, glass, or an assortment of metals. An acrylic or crystal trophy is suitable for laser-engraving, whereas a metal trophy can be designed with unique styles. Whether the trophy is hand-crafted or machine-made can also impact the design and style.

Choose the Right Size

Trophies and awards for public events should be bigger so that your audience will recognize and appreciate them, whereas those presented in front of a smaller gathering can be simpler. Be sure to choose the right size that fits the occasion and does not reduce the quality of the award.

Engrave a Meaningful Quote

Engraving inspirational words or a meaningful quote can add a nice, thoughtful touch to the awards or trophies while inspiring your recipients to keep up the good work. You can engrave the quotes with different fonts, line-heights, symbols, and colors to bring a distinctive style and class to your award/trophy. 

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Blue Ribbon Trophy

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