The All-Time Best Awards and Trophies in Sports

Awards and trophies are important objects to present at your business since they convey a documented history of success. Regardless of what these displays represent, they hold and bring value when they become visible to the public.

Here are some details on the world's most prestigious sports trophies:

FIFA World Cup Among the most globally recognized awards and trophies is the top trophy in the game of soccer. It has a value of $20 million and has been the world's most valuable trophy for several decades. You can check out our top selling soccer products at,

European Champion's Club This prestigious award is also prominent in soccer, as it goes to the winner of the UEFA Champions League. The trophy started out valued at about $10,000 in 1967 and is now worth about 2,000 times that amount. You can go to our best selling soccer awards & trophies at,

The Stanley Cup Hockey's highest honor is the Stanley Cup, which still uses its original silver bowl design. It is most recognizable where hockey is popular, such as Canada and the United States. You can view our popular awards & trophies items related to sports at,

Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy Created by Tiffany & Company, this golden award depicting a player, hoop, and net represents the top achievement in the top pro basketball league, the NBA. Our top selling basketball awards & trophies are listed at,

America's Cup Wealthy sailors embrace this trophy that represents the winner of an annual yacht racing tournament. Founded in 1851, it's the oldest trophy still in existence for international sporting events.

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Conclusion Your customers will be impressed when they see your awards and trophies on display. It will remind them of the championship qualities they connect with the sports world. The sight of a trophy triggers images of achievement and strength.

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