Amazing Gift Ideas for Life Events

Gifts are great medium to exchange your feelings, love and appreciation. They say a thousand words without even conversing. In fact, a gift is a language in itself. It contains no word, but it speaks your emotions so truly that even a child can understand your affection towards him/her.

Your family and friends are the ones who keep you going on. They keep carving a good person out of you to make you a human in every sense. That's why you love them so much and at times you want to express this love towards them by giving them something to hold with. A gift serves your purpose the best here. It has been said better like this- giving is loving!

So, if your child is graduating this week, or he/she has got his/her first job, or is getting married, or it’s your marriage anniversary or your spouse's birthday, you can make this occasion memorable by gifting your loved ones something that suits their personality or their needs. It's like capturing the joy of those special moments inside an artifact that will serve as reminiscence in times to come, especially when you are away from them.

We have a vast array of most exceptional gifts at Blue Ribbon Trophy that will suit the idea of the occasion and the taste of the receiver. They can even be personalized with laser engraving, and grafting that will add to the joy of the gift giver and the receiver.

Let's have a look at some of the special gifts we have to offer:

  • Tulip Crystal Vase
  • This beautiful tulip-like crystal vase is made up of genuine lead crystal from France. This can be the perfect present to your life partner or fiance/fiancee as a holiday gift, or as a bouquet of appreciation to your son/daughter or sister for any of their big or small achievement in life.

  • Rosewood Piano Finish Box
  • Having a piano finish with beige felt lining; this is a great graduation gift, birthday or an anniversary gift. It has a black plate on top of it that can be personalized with a message or name in gold-colored ink for up to 3-lines.

  • Prestige Glass Clock
  • This crystal tabletop watch made with heavy, non-lead glass base can also be personalized with text engraving. The best thing about a clock is that it can be gifted to anyone on any occasion. It will add to the look of a working desk, a TV cabinet, or even an open wall shelf.

  • Gold Glass Clock
  • This gold glass table top clock with metal toned gold columns is a perfect gift for your child on getting his first job. He will keep it on his working desk with his name engraved on it, or you can gift it to yourself as a token of appreciation for living a happy and successful life.

  • Glass Mirror Frame
  • It has felt easel back which allows for hanging or standing, and photos can be slid in and out of it, relieving the need of opening the entire frame for it. This could serve as a perfect memento for any achievement, or award or for a birthday greeting.

  • Bamboo Cutting Boards
  • This bamboo cutting board is a crush for anyone who loves to cook. It can also be personalized with laser engravings of text and design to match the personality of the receiver. Give this to your wife and she will love you more for it.

  • Utensil Caddy
  • A high class black marble utensil caddy for everyday kitchen utensils or other stationary utensils is a great gift for your spouse who likes to keep everyday utensils stacked at one place also making it easy to pick them out and put them in. It helps them in keeping the kitchen clutter-free. It’s a great gift for occasions like mother’s day and women’s day for the ladies at your home.

  • Carbon Fiber Pen, Card Case & Keychain Gift Case
  • This black lacquered carbon fiber finish gift box with a pen, card case and a keychain is a great gift for an executive professional. The executive ball pen comes with a twist mechanism for ink refill, and a keychain and a card case on which small personal messages can be engraved. This can be a great gift for your brother, son or spouse on their big achievements. It can also be a great gift for colleagues or sub-ordinates at the office on the occasions of promotions or even as a token of appreciation of great efforts.

    Gifts are always special and it becomes even more close to hearts of the recipient when it’s personalized with a message or name engraved on it. The message is not only etched in the artifact but it gets etched into the heart of the receiver.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

Blue Ribbon Trophy® / LaserWerks® is a national leader in the recognition and awards industry. Our name is synonymous with glory, celebration and excellence. We deal with custom made awards and recognition products. Our services include acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, laser engraving, promotional products and custom job shop work. We have been in business for more than 63 years and our services are considered one of the best in the industry. Located in Orange, California, we are the most trusted name in awards and recognition in the nation. We offer customization options that fit all budgets.

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