Custom Trophies: An Excellent Award Idea to Motivate Your Employees

Many organizations give away custom trophies to their employees, annually, to acknowledge the best performers of the year. For employers, giving out a custom trophy could just be a way to acknowledge and reward employees. However, for employees, winning a trophy is a prestigious matter. They want to experience the glory and benefits that come with receiving a trophy. Trophies and awards further motivate the achievers to sustain their performance and push themselves to their limits. Perhaps, they could become the top performer in their team or department.

Why Custom Trophies Make an Excellent Award Idea Receiving a custom trophy is a great way for people to feel that their hard work has paid off, or that they have achieved something special. Custom trophies add more worth to the reward as achievers feel more touched and valued. The trophy should be a symbol of achievement for the employee and the entire company. Perhaps, the custom trophy is a symbol of the hard work that the employee or team has done.

Trophy Customization Ideas There are several trophy customization ideas. Many custom trophies are made of gold or fiberglass. Laser engraved trophies or plaques are also great. Award certificates that come in glass or chrome frames, acrylic trophies, and wine bottles, etc. can also be personalized. If it is a special accomplishment, the award could be made out of glass or crystal.

Things to Keep in Mind While Customizing the Trophies

  • Many trophies are awarded annually, so the trophy should have a unique design every time.
  • You can also consider rewarding your employees with a custom medal for their outstanding performance. This is another way to show appreciation to a hard-working employee.
  • It is important that each company knows and fully understands the culture of the region that the company is located in. This will help personalize the awards to give them an even more unique feel.

You can find different trophies and plaques online that can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Blue Ribbon Trophy, located in Orange, CA, provides a wide range of acrylic/crystal trophies, plaques, gifts, and online customization services. Contact us at 714-998-2611 to place an order.

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