Importance of Participation Trophies in Sports

Recently a debate has started over the importance of participation trophies in sports. A number of people have become unsure if participation trophies are truly helpful, or are if they are simply giving young athletes a sense of entitlement. Despite this controversy, its clear participation trophies in sports still have a positive impact in society.

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Baseball Awards and Trophies to Celebrate the Season

It is a perfect award to recognize the most valuable player or an exceptional player on a team. This award carries a 3-D rendition of a player inside the crystal. You can personalize this award by engraving it with a text of your choice into the base. This award comes with a beautiful deluxe velour lined presentation box.  

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Summer Sports: Make the Game More Exciting with Sports Trophies

Summer is the best time for playing both indoor and outdoor sports. Some of the sports played during the summer months include football, swimming, baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball. With these sporting events around the corner, we thought of bringing together some unique awards and trophies. These sporting events would...

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The All-Time Best Awards and Trophies in Sports

Awards and trophies are important objects to present at your business since they convey a documented history of success. Regardless of what these displays represent, they hold and bring value when they become visible to the public.

Here are some details on the world's most prestigious sports trophies:


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5 Unique Sports Awards to Recognize Your Valuable Players

Sports awards are one of the best ways to recognize the dedication, hard work and enthusiasm of outstanding athletes in their particular sport. Presenting unique and custom engraved sports awards are great to honor their achievement and capture their memorable moments. It's important to choose the awards that are distinctive and truly represent the image of the brand and spirit of the game.

We have listed 5...

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Trophy Vs. Awards: What Adds More Value and When?

Being given a token of achievement via an award can be one of the most memorable events in your life. Oftentimes given as a result of a sacrifice in recognition of your hard work and dedication, awards are indicative of something that you have been working towards since a long time with complete dedication.Similar to awards, trophies may be given in light of a competition to exemplify being the "best of the...

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