Celebrate Halloween with These 'Spooktacular' Trophy Ideas

October 31st is Halloween, which means it’s time for making your events fun-filled and spooky! You can celebrate with some friendly competition by doing a costume contest or a haunted house contest. If you're still undecided about Halloween events or searching for ‘spooktacular' Halloween trophies, here's some help for your Halloween celebrations:

Halloween Scary Costume Awards

You can present awards for the costume contest in some categories like these:

● Scariest Costume
● Funniest Costume
● Best Couple’s Costume
● Best Child Costume
● Most Creative Costume

Haunted House Challenge Awards

You can also organize a haunted house contest where you'll challenge individuals to go inside a thematically built haunted house with different fear-inducing decorations and “scare-actors” and see who can last the longest. You can think of various Halloween trophy ideas in this category as well.

Based on the different activities that you design when inside the haunted house, you can give out the Halloween trophies in these categories:

1. The Tomb Raider (for finding and reaching the deadliest tomb and digging candies out of it)
2. The Ghost Hunter (for knocking down the most number of skulls and skeleton decorations)
3. The Ghost Survivor (for simply staying inside for the longest duration)

Personalize Your Halloween Trophies

Giving out the most thematic or spooky-looking trophies will only enhance the joy of Halloween for their winners, and also for the spectators. The look and feel of the trophies can be made complete with a funny message engraved on it. The trophy provider can also provide you with unique message ideas and the text engraving service, all included.

Halloween-Themed Trophies

Whether you are planning a costume party, trick-or-treat, or house decoration contest, we have the perfect trophies to celebrate the winner and make your Halloween activities fun-filled and memorable. Each of our trophies is carefully inspected by our experts to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Available in different styles and sizes, these trophies will be a great addition to your Halloween celebration. Our online customization service will help you customize the trophy according to your needs. 

Blue Ribbon Trophy has unique Halloween-themed trophies for all categories of awards that you may think of giving out in any Halloween contest. You can personalize these Halloween trophies with a message that can include up to 3 lines of text. Order your awards online, or if you want more ideas, visit our showroom at 1650 N. Glassell St. Suite R, Orange CA to take a look and order your trophies today!


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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