Choose the Right Award-Color for the First, Second, and Third Place

When you're choosing the awards for a particular event, it's essential to know which colors go with what place. First, second, and third place trophies are designed to make the top three participants stand out, head and shoulders above the crowd. While you may not know the colors for the rest of the positions, knowing the colors for the first, second, and third place winners is imperative if you want to make a good impression.

Know What Color Goes With Each Place

First, second, and third places are the most coveted in terms of awards. The following color combinations are used to designate the positions and are well-known across the globe. They are:

  • Blue/Gold
  • Red/Silver
  • White/Bronze

These color combinations are used by almost every sporting organization, including the International Olympics.

Add Your Own Touch

You can add your own touch to each award by emblazoning "1st Place", "2nd Place", or "3rd Place" on each corresponding river. On the other, side put a bat and ball, bowling ball, or soccer ball, whatever best designates the activity the award was earned for. Beautifully designed awards are meant to be both classy and elaborate, giving the recipient a reason to be proud of the fact that they earned it.

Size Matters When It Comes to Win, Place or Show

In most cases, blue ribbons are somewhat larger than their red and white counterparts. They are embellished with gold tones that set off the brilliant blue of the ribbon. Red does the same for silver, ad white for bronze. If you're choosing an award for any one of these placings, you must choose the right color and size of the ribbon or trophy. This helps to show both the skill level and efforts in terms of working hard for what you are trying to accomplish.

At Blue Ribbon Trophy, we can help you create ribbons and trophies for each place. We make sure each ribbon and trophy instills pride in the recipient for a job well-done, no matter where they place. Knowing the right colors helps us to create the perfect award for each individual achievement.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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