5 Creative Ways to Display Your Academic Awards

Your awards, diplomas, and medals are something to be proud of. If you spent the money on engraving services to create a placard for your award, you’ll want to show it off properly. Be proud of what you've accomplished by creating a personalized display for your collection.

Classic Shelf Displays

Classic shelf displays are an effective way to show off your trophy and standing awards. It can be placed almost anywhere and will keep your awards at eye level so they are easy to be seen.

Medal Racks and Shadowboxes

Medal racks and shadowboxes are excellent for displaying medals that are still attached to their ribbons. They allow all the medal, as well as part of their ribbon, to be seen in a uniform and orderly display. Shadowboxes allow your awards to be placed against a felt background behind glass. You can fit several medals in a shadowbox, keeping them close at hand.

Professional Framing

Professional framing is the most common method of displaying diplomas and certificates. Engraving services can attach a plate that states the date and location where the diploma was received. A professional frame and matte is the best way to accentuate the diploma, giving it the look of elegance and sophistication.

Display Arrangement at Graduation Party

If you are having a graduation party, create an awards table. This is a great place to display all of the awards that have been received in a simple display. Certificates can be laid out in front, while taller trophies can be set along the back of the table.

An Awards Case

Create an awards case out of an old store showcase. The staggered shelves allow you to display awards of all sizes without obstructing the view or hiding them behind one another. Because the awards case is glass, you can see the awards from many different angles.

Shelves and Framed Photos

Create a display with shelves and picture frames in a unique way to show off your awards and memorable photos. Attach a ledge shelf with a flat piece at the bottom and a photo frame just above it to create an amazing effect. Trophies can be placed on the shelf, and designer knobs can be screwed on the flat piece to hang all your medals.

Share Your Family’s Awards

Sharing your family’s awards alongside your own is one of the best ways to display awards. You can group all the awards together and surround them with academic photographs of you and your parents, siblings, or whoever else you might like to add.


Plaques are a great way to show off your academic achievements and awards. Put your certificates or awards into a beautiful plaque by grouping them and then add a personalized touch, such as engraving names or initials. You can use gallery lights to create an impressive presentation of your awards.

Hanging Displays

Hanging your medals is a great way to proudly display your achievements. There are different ways to be creative with hanging displays. For example, you can hang your academic next to your college/university mascot or an inspirational quote about your achievement. 

You can also frame your academic certificates and hang them above your desk, bedroom, hall, or any other place that is perfect for displaying your accomplishments. 

Floating Shelf

You can place your trophies and standing awards on a floating shelf. Some floating shelves have small knobs at the bottom, which are also perfect for hanging medals.  


Displaying your trophies and awards on a bookcase is a simple yet functional idea as you probably already have a bookcase. Just clear off a shelf to showcase your academic achievements. 

There are several ways to display your academic awards and certifications. Be creative! Use one of the above or mix and match. Be proud of your achievements and put them in a place of honor in your home or office.

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