How Custom Engraving Can Turn Your Gift Into a Reminiscence

Ever imagined why some gifts turn out to be so special for someone that they are never erased from their memory. Some would think that it's the expensive gifts only that are liked and loved by, and become memorable for someone. Well, everybody likes expensive gifts and that fact can never be denied.

However, in most cases you will find that it's not the expensive gifts that live with its receivers for often a lifetime, but it's the special gifts that become a reminiscence for receivers. One way to make every gift – cheap or expensive – special is custom/laser engraving/etching.

What Is Custom/Laser Engraving?

Custom/laser engraving is a practice of using laser beam to engrave or etch on a wooden, plastic, metal, or glass object to give it a more personalized look. In this process, the laser beam physically removes the surface of the material to expose a cavity that reveals an image at eye level. The removal of the surface is so minimal that it becomes hard to feel the scratches on the surface even by touching.

How Laser Engraving/Etching Works

It's a layer-wise, laser-induced engraving deep into the material. Also, it's fast and simple process with steps:

  • The laser beam causes high heat that essentially causes the material to vaporize.
  • This creates cavity in the surface which is noticeable to the eye and sincere touches.
  • The target depth is decided beforehand and material removal is measured several times and compared with the target engraving depth during the process. To achieve the most accurate results, the measurements are done in as low as micrometers.
  • To form deeper marks with the laser engraver, several passes of laser beam is repeated.

How Laser Engraving Enhances the Beauty of Your Gift (and Makes It Special)

No matter what kind of gift you have in hand, custom/laser engraving can enhance the beauty of your gift in many ways. Below is how it does:

  • Changes the Look and Feel: Laser engraving changes the overall look and feel of the object by adding high contrast and changing the reflective property of the surface. The alteration to the surface makes the feeling of touch more sensitive and textured.
  • Gives a Unique Design: The added contrast, changed reflective properties, and the new texture give the gifts a more unique design than it was before when you bought it. You can add patterns of a design on the surface of the object, or simply add an image, logo, text, or color for design.
  • Makes It Personalized: With laser engraving, you can personalize a gift for the receiver by adding his name, his picture, or some other design. If the gift is for an achievement, you can etch an inspiring message on it. There are many ways to personalize a gift by custom laser engraving/etching option. It rests on your idea of personalizing with the receiver.
  • Etches in Your Memory: The most important reason why a personalized gift becomes special for the receiver is that it etches in the hearts of the receiver as well as the giver. The person who receives it will always remember your idea, your effort, and your caring for making it a beautiful gift for him/her.

Laser engraving can be done on almost any type of object. So, no matter the material that your gifts are made of – be it a metal object such as a smartphone or other electronic or non-electronic metal object, or a plastic (hard or soft) object such as a football or a toy, or even a glass/crystal or wooden object like a memento or a plaque – custom/laser engraving can be done in a large variety of designs and styles that will make your gift more special and personal to its receiver.


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