FB Likes Can Never Replace the Value of Awards and Medals

Facebook is everywhere these days, and people from all walks of life, from businessmen to entertainers, are avid users. In fact, a lot of people base their judgement of professional success on how one’s Facebook profile appears.

While you might get more followers and likes if you have a lot of power in your industry, ultimately Facebook boils down to a tool. For many, Facebook likes will never take the place of real awards, medals and trophies.

Our cultural admiration of likes will simply never add up to the prestige of physical objects of appreciation. Giving Recognition

Giving recognition to somebody for hard work or advancement in their industry is important. For recipients, it’s a milestone and a way to continue moving forward with their line of work. From the perspectives of the foundations and companies giving them, it’s a way to build a reputation as a group that cares about excellence.

Facebook likes might be an ideal way to say you like somebody’s vacation picture, but when it comes to real-life recognition of hard work, a like really doesn’t equate to much. In a professional capacity, liking something or giving recognition on social media sites is as bad as saying nothing at all.

Will Facebook Last?

Additionally, it is important to consider the difference between social media likes and physical awards as being the permanence of Facebook. While it’s so big and profitable today that it likely won’t shut down any time soon, it is unknown what is in store for a company with a platform that’s always changing.

All of the likes collected today could essentially be gone tomorrow—replaced by a completely different feature or system altogether. Companies like Facebook can always be bought out, changed, or even ruined.

Facebook likes are here today, but compared to awards like medals and trophies given by real organizations, they very well may not mean much in the near future. But the value of your awards and trophies will last for lifetime. With Facebook, you may get likes and shares, but your physical awards and medals earn you respect—they are able to present a real sense of achievement.


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