Gifts Don't Need to be Expensive, They Need to be Special

The tradition of gift-giving is very old – almost as old as we humans are. Even in primitive cave culture, people used to gift each other with items like an unusually shaped rock, an animal's tooth, fruits or even the bark from a tree. The instinctive idea of giving gifts to one another in primitive people didn't come out of the urge to show their status symbol or flaunt their wealth, but out of the urge to show their love and affection towards each other.

The psychology of why gift giving is so rewarding is plain and simple- it allows you to connect with each other. A gift is that medium which helps in establishing that connection. You don't need expensive gifts to make a connection with the person you love and admire. The best gift is the one that is bought by spending your time and effort, and not by spending a huge amount of money. Pierre Corneille, a seventeenth century French dramatist, puts it this way, “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

One way to make your gift unforgettable is to get it custom engraved or laser engraved. This way, you can personalize your gift with a warm message or the name of the receiver or some design or picture. A simple gift, when personalized, becomes very special to the one who receives it. The receiver admires the fact that you took a break from your busy schedule, and put in some time and effort to especially design a gift for you. It’s special because you have customized it based on the likings of the recipient. Other gifts miss that personal touch.

Custom and Laser Engraving

The most satisfying moment in giving a gift to someone is when you see that smile on his/her face when they receive your gift. A great gift, which needs not be expensive, brings that joyful expression on the face of the receiver.Custom and laser engraving are the best way to get your gift personalized for that special touch. Be it a name, or message, or some picture or design, custom and laser engravings do it all.

If you are gifting a baseball to your child, get his name or her favorite player's name or simply a winning message engraved on it through custom engraving. If you are gifting a metal, wood, or glass item, or even an iPhone or iPad to someone, you can personalize them with laser engraving to make them a gift of a lifetime. Laser engraving is stylish and is done by burning off the surface of the material and so, it never wipes out. Almost all kinds of metals, plastics, wood, leather, and glass can be engraved by laser works. You can feel the difference caused by the new depth when you run your finger over the surface. It makes your gift a well-finished Item.

At Blue Ribbon Trophy, we offer the best in class custom and laser engraving options. Take a look at some of the products in offering which are the best examples of custom and laser engraving gift options for you:

6 oz. Matte Black Stainless Steel Flask Set

 Stainless Steel Flask Set

A great gift for a bachelor, best man, groomsman, snowboarder or skier, this matte black stainless steel flask set with four shot glasses and a funnel can be personalized with a name and message to make it unforgettable for the receiver.

Wood Pen, Card Case & Keychain Gift set Wood Pen, Card Case & Keychain Gift set It comes with a nice presentation box. You can personalize it with initials or a logo lasered right into the wood on the outside of the card case as well as the key chain. You can also engrave name or initials on the pen included in the box.

Black Wall Clock

Black Wall Clock & Tulip Crystal Vase

This black piano finish wall clock has a waterfall bezel with glass lens. Personalize its black plate with a name, message and a logo with golden text and trim to make it a gift of a lifetime.

Tulip Crystal Vase

This Normandy Crystal Vase is made of genuine lead crystal vase from France. Best for a holiday gift or as a token of appreciation for someone's achievement, this crystal vase can also be personalized with up to four lines of text laser engraved into the glass.

Rectangular Key Chain

Key Chain

This polished silver key chain is a nice party favor gift or a little token of appreciation for someone. You can personalize it with matte silver or colorful engraving for a lasting impression.

You don't just engrave a text or logo through custom and laser engraving; rather you etch your love and feelings towards that person who receives the gift. An expensive gift will certainly bring immense joy to your receiver, but a personalized custom and laser engraved gift can become your memory for the receiver for his/her lifetime.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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