Holiday-Themed Awards and Trophies to Celebrate Festivals and Special Occasions

Holiday awards and trophies are a great way to spice up the holidays and make them extra special. We have a range of trophies and awards for Christmas, Halloween, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, 4th of July, and more! We customize these trophies based on your specific needs and budget.

1. Christmas Awards

Our Christmas awards are beautifully designed to provide a flair of elegance. Whether you want to wish someone a Merry Christmas, thank a professional for their decorations, or honor someone with a trophy for being the most giving, these awards are a perfect choice. They are available in different sizes and are customizable with three lines of text. 

2. Halloween Trophies

Are you gearing up for Halloween? Celebrate the occasion with our uniquely designed Halloween trophies. These trophies are an ideal choice for any Halloween function, including a corporate event, birthday party, or to honor someone’s great costume. You can personalize this trophy by adding three lines of text.

3. Patriotic Trophies

These trophies are an excellent way to celebrate patriotic events such as Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July. Our patriotic trophies are available in red, white, and blue,  come in different sizes, and are customizable with three lines of text.

4. Easter Trophies

Our Easter trophies are designed with exceptional craftsmanship to provide a rich and unique look. They are an excellent choice for corporate events, birthday parties, or Easter egg hunt events. You can customize this trophy with a Mylar, metal egg, or bunny and up to three lines of text on the plaque or trophy.

At Blue Ribbon Trophy, you can find the best collection of custom engraved trophies and awards that can meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to place an order. 


Blue Ribbon Trophy

Blue Ribbon Trophy® / LaserWerks® is a national leader in the recognition and awards industry. Our name is synonymous with glory, celebration and excellence. We deal with custom made awards and recognition products. Our services include acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, laser engraving, promotional products and custom job shop work. We have been in business for more than 63 years and our services are considered one of the best in the industry. Located in Orange, California, we are the most trusted name in awards and recognition in the nation. We offer customization options that fit all budgets.

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