How to Choose the Perfect Customized Acrylic Awards

When it comes to creating new custom awards and trophies, there are several things you need to consider. Some are quite high-level and strategic in nature, such as the general message you wish to convey and the image you wish to present. Others, such as your schedule, budget, prize size, frequency of presentation, and order numbers, are far more realistic.

Custom acrylic awards are one such quick and cost-effective solution to produce fresh, one-of-a-kind custom prizes for your organization or event. They are also quite adaptable in incorporating unique forms, sizes, colors, materials, engraving processes, and even the embedding of discrete items relevant to the award. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Acrylic Awards


We have a wide range of basic geometric forms available, but we can also develop unique shapes for your needs. The outer surfaces of the acrylic award may be sliced to produce a unique shape, or gaps can be cut inside the award to personalize the form factor.


Acrylic awards can be translucent or opaque. When combining direct digital printing on the rear surface (front-facing) of an award or embedding an actual object in the award, translucent awards are the best option (both concepts explained below). Colored opaque awards are available in single or multi-color variations.

Digital Engraving

In engraved acrylic awards, Laser engraving removes a small amount of material on the acrylic surface and delicately etches the surface with a soft white hue. A color fill option may be provided, depending on the layout.


Specific 3D items or pictures can be inserted into the acrylic trophy, giving the impression that they are floating inside. Our embedded acrylic awards can be a great way to emphasize the intended communication objective of the award.


Any of the factors listed above can be used to design a unique acrylic award. In fact, most of the personalized acrylic trophies we manufacture are made up of two or more of these personalization methods.

How Blue Ribbon Trophy Can Help You

Blue Ribbon Trophy has been a national leader in custom awards and trophies for more than 65 years. We have a range of custom acrylic awards that can make any occasion worth remembering.  

Our custom acrylic awards include:

Zenith Lattice Pattern Acrylic

Our Zenith Series Clear Acrylic Award with a lattice design and a red metallic accent is ideal for any business award or to honor someone for their hard work and devotion, like the Fire Department, for example.

Swirl Wave

One of our new best sellers is our Blue Acrylic Swirl Wave Award. It is handcrafted with a unique design, giving it a one-of-a-kind look for any special occasion or honor.

Executive Acrylic

The Waterford-inspired Executive Acrylic Award is a stunning award with a diamond-like cut and a dramatic cross-hatch engraved pattern on the rear.

Acrylic Wedge

The Beveled Acrylic Wedge is handcrafted and polished from the finest acrylic. It has faceted curves and bevels for a sleek, contemporary look. It's an excellent choice for any commemorative event.

Blue Acrylic Fan

This exquisite acrylic with bold vertical lines is a striking way to show your appreciation for that outstanding employee—a modest price for an elegant appearance.

3-D Shooting Star Acrylic

The Shooting Star includes a three-dimensional carved star routed deep into the surface from the back, giving it a three-dimensional look.

If you are looking for custom acrylic awards for any ceremony or award function, contact us today. At Blue Ribbon Trophy, with custom engraving services and personalized designs, we can create the best acrylic awards for all your needs.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

Blue Ribbon Trophy® / LaserWerks® is a national leader in the recognition and awards industry. Our name is synonymous with glory, celebration and excellence. We deal with custom made awards and recognition products. Our services include acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, laser engraving, promotional products and custom job shop work. We have been in business for more than 63 years and our services are considered one of the best in the industry. Located in Orange, California, we are the most trusted name in awards and recognition in the nation. We offer customization options that fit all budgets.

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