How to Make Your Company's Employee Recognition Program Successful

Employees are important for the success and productivity of your company. In today's competitive work environment, the highly productive companies are the ones that have skilled and well-trained staff. However, sometimes even skilled employees cannot perform well if they are not motivated. This is why employee recognition programs are important in the workplace as it is the acknowledgment of outstanding performance. 

You can present your employees with awards and trophies to honor their excellence and dedication. This will positively impact your company's culture and show that your employees’ efforts are being seen. Also, the awards and trophies help your employees take pride in their achievements. 

Employee recognition programs are not a new concept, but they can vary depending on the culture and values of the companies. Here are a few tips that will help you make your company's employee recognition program successful:

• Use Technology

You can use digital technologies to make employee recognition programs. Use Google forms to create a recognition nomination form, which your employees can complete and submit online. You can conduct an online survey to collect votes, determine the format of your program, or ask what is effective in your current employee recognition program.  

• Provide Clear Goals

Employee recognition programs cannot be successful if you fail to define the company’s goals. If you have an on-the-spot award program, explain to your employees what they need to do to achieve the title. This will help them have a clear idea of things they need to do to earn the trophy or award. 

• Present Unique Awards and Gifts

Presenting awards to your employees for their 10 or 20 years of service does not work as well anymore. You need to appreciate and honor your employees for their creativity and leadership. Presenting them with unique gifts like customized clocks or barware will make them happier and more productive. 

Employee Recognition Programs That Work

You can use these ideas to make your employee recognition program fun, creative, and successful:

• Peer-to-peer recognition 
• Employee of the month
• Friendly competition 
• On-the-spot awards 
• Outstanding achievement awards

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