How to Present Your Awards and Trophies in a Meaningful Way

Receiving an award or trophy is a special moment in anyone’s life. You can make it even more meaningful by making the award ceremony memorable. A little planning and a few tips will make receiving the award more special and unique for the recipient.

Here are some tips for presenting the awards and trophies in a meaningful way:

Schedule a Date and Time for Presenting the Awards

Planning an award ceremony to present the awards to the recipients is the best way to show praise and recognition. Plan in advance when and where the event will take place, how many people will attend, and who to invite.

Shop for the Awards Early

Order your awards early and make sure they arrive a week before the award ceremony. If any of the awards are broken or damaged or you find any misspelled names or words on the awards, this will give you sufficient time for ordering replacements.

Personalize the Awards

Customize the awards to make them more personal and special for the recipients. Consider laser engraving the recipient’s name, their picture, or achievements on the awards to make them more personalized.

Prepare a Speech about the Recipients’ Special Achievements

A heartfelt speech praising the recipients and mentioning their special achievements can be cherished for a lifetime. Instead of just listing their achievement, include a story that tells how they accomplished that particular goal.

Make the Recipients Feel Special When Receiving the Award

During the presentation of the award and speech, have the recipient stand next to you. Embrace them with a handshake or hug, if appropriate. Take a picture while the recipient is receiving the award to help create a lifetime memory.

Recognize Team Players

To recognize an employee who has shown to be a great team player by consistently helping their coworkers, have the team present the award. This will show that employee how much their team appreciates their efforts.

Use a Gift Box

Presenting an award in a gift box is a great way to show your appreciation. Not only does it add value to the award, but it can make it easier for the recipient to carry it home safely.

Acknowledge the Recipient Either Directly or with a Surprise

Acknowledge your recipient either by surprising or directly telling them. In the surprise approach, you can mention the qualities, accomplishments, or a story of the person receiving the award without revealing their name, allowing others to guess it.

The direct acknowledgment approach can be used when the audience is unfamiliar with the recipient or is unaware of their achievements. In this case, you must directly acknowledge the person and the reasons why they are being awarded.

Present the Award with a Certification 

Presenting the award with certification will help your awardee display their achievements proudly in their office or home. They can showcase the trophy/award anywhere in their home or frame it at work on their desk. 

Don’t give out the awards or trophies without effort or thought. Make receiving the award a memorable moment for the recipient.

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