How to Recognize Your Employees Virtually with Awards

Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, most companies have instructed their employees to work from home. Also, many companies have postponed or canceled their employee recognition programs and events due to an uncertain work environment. However, employee recognition programs are important to reflect positive company culture and motivate your employees to sustain their performance and be more productive. 

Even if your employees are working remotely, you can still present them with awards and trophies virtually to recognize and honor their excellence and dedication at work. You can host a virtual event that may include a live stream, social media promotion of winners, interactive website content, and photo galleries. 

You can do social media shoutouts or start a virtual wall of recognition on your website, where your employees can sign in and post photos and entries. You can also host your annual award ceremony or corporate summit virtually and complete it with trophies. 

How to Present Awards to Your Employees Virtually

Shipping the rewards is the best way to award your employees virtually, as it will ship the awards directly them. You can include a congratulatory letter with the award so that your award-winner knows the reason for the appreciation. Shipping will still ensure that your employees can get the recognition and appreciation they deserve, and you can maintain positive company culture. If you want to surprise your employees while you honor them, do not drop any hints about the awards or trophies they receive. 

Trophy Shipping – What to Look for

You need to consider the two important criteria of shipping, which include delivery time and budget. If your employees do not receive the awards on time, they could miss the ceremony or may think that their accomplishments are not considered for appreciation. Also, the cost of the trophies should be affordable. 

At Blue Ribbon Trophy, we offer trophies that can fit your budget and can be delivered on time. Also, we offer custom engraving services to give a personalized touch to the awards and trophies. Our years of experience and state-of-the-art techniques help us provide custom awards with a beautiful design, elegant look, and striking features. Our awards will surely look the best and add flair to your virtual event. We will make sure to provide high-quality awards and trophies that can make your recipients feel special and happy. 

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Blue Ribbon Trophy

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