Important Things You Must Know About Crystal and Acrylic

Awards are the indispensable part of any organization. It is an integral part of corporate culture. Award felicitation ceremonies are followed by a gala night, dinner and performances to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of the employees and team and their contributions towards the progress of the company.

It not only helps in strengthening the team and improving their morale but also helps in building a productive working environment in the company.

When it comes to deciding the design and material of awards, there are different choices available for the decision makers like:

  1. Custom wooden engravings
  2. Custom Glass Designs
  3. Crystal Awards
  4. Acrylic
  5. Bronze Trophies

However, more than often, the two popular choices for awards are acrylic and crystal. There has always been confusion between these two materials while deciding the award designs for a corporate felicitation.

Here we will tell you the differences between acrylic and crystal awards based on various attributes. It will help in making the right choice.

Material Composition and Texture:

Let’s start with understanding the composition of the materials and their basic texture. Acrylic is made of molded plastic, this is why it’s light in weight and whereas base for crystal awards are the glass, so they are much heavier when compared to acrylic awards. Acrylic also doesn’t shine like crystal because plastic doesn’t transmit or reflect much light like glass or crystal does.

Look and Feel:

As far as the look of crystal and acrylic awards are concerned, from a fair distance, one can’t recognize or differentiate easily between the crystal and acrylic awards as both look similar. But when you give a closer look, the sparkling sides of the crystal awards shine bright with shimmering light on the edges. Whereas not much light is reflected through the acrylic awards, so it’s less shinning than the crystal.

Moreover, the diamond like shine of the crystal awards makes it classier and elegant. While acrylic feels cheaper, but only when compared to crystal awards. Rest assured acrylic awards look very similar to the crystal awards.


Last but not the least, let’s see the difference between pricing of acrylic and crystal awards. There is a common belief that crystal awards are more expensive than the acrylic awards. This is true in some sense; however the gap in price is not much for both the materials. But yes crystal is expensive because it needs more time and skilful efforts in cutting and carving its edges for sparkling shine while the plastic used for acrylic can be easily molded.


Crystal has higher perceiving value than acrylic awards. Employees feel proud on receiving crystal awards.

At Blue Ribbon Trophy, we are dedicated to bring to you different types of award materials and artistic custom engravings too. Our expert craftsmen can design highly attractive acrylic awards that will look no less than crystal. We are also able to design an acrylic award at a similar price of that of the acrylic.

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Blue Ribbon Trophy

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