Summer Sports: Make the Game More Exciting with Sports Trophies

Summer is the best time for playing both indoor and outdoor sports. Some of the sports played during the summer months include football, swimming, baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball. With these sporting events around the corner, we thought of bringing together some unique awards and trophies. These sporting events would be incomplete without rewarding the players and teams for their exceptional performance.

We have listed some of the trophies and awards for your sporting events this summer:
  • Football Awards and Trophies Recognize your team's great performance with football awards and trophies from Blue Ribbon Trophy. We offer a wide range of football awards and trophies that includes champion trophies, perpetual trophies, silver trophies, football resin frames, fantasy trophies, crystal awards, wreath sports ball, and star medals. Get them personalized with our custom engraving options.

  • Basketball Awards and Trophies Basketball trophies and medals are perfect to recognize the achievements of the team or the players. We provide a wide variety of customized basketball awards and trophies including resin frames, crystal trophies, wreath sports balls, and medals. Our laser engraving services will help you make these trophies and awards more personalized and unique.

  • Baseball Awards and Trophies Recognize the efforts of your team with our baseball trophies and awards. They are the best way to show appreciation to your players and coaches. We have a huge selection of crystal baseball awards, baseball wreath sports ball, and baseball resin frame. You can get them customized with our laser engraving options.

  • Soccer Awards and Trophies Soccer awards and trophies are the best way to recognize a big achievement. We provide a large collection of unique soccer awards that includes soccer crystal awards, soccer resin frames, and silver soccer trophies. Add a personal touch to these awards and trophies with our custom engraving services.

  • Swimming Awards Recognize the winner who has exceeded your expectations with a customized elite figure award for swimming. We provide high quality and unique elite figure swimming awards and trophies including bronze male swimmer and bronze women swimmer. Personalize these awards with our custom laser engraving services.

  • Golf Trophies and Awards Reward an exceptional performance with our timeless and beautiful golf awards. Blue Ribbon Trophy provides an exclusive collection of golf awards and trophies including silver male golfer trophies, and golf crystal awards. Our custom engraving services will make these awards unique and personalized.

Get the perfect sports trophies and awards from us. Blue Ribbon Trophy is a leading provider of high-quality sports awards and trophies in Orange, CA. Contact us or visit our showroom today.

Blue Ribbon Trophy

Blue Ribbon Trophy® / LaserWerks® is a national leader in the recognition and awards industry. Our name is synonymous with glory, celebration and excellence. We deal with custom made awards and recognition products. Our services include acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, laser engraving, promotional products and custom job shop work. We have been in business for more than 63 years and our services are considered one of the best in the industry. Located in Orange, California, we are the most trusted name in awards and recognition in the nation. We offer customization options that fit all budgets.

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