Memorial Day 2017: Special Gift Ideas for Thanking a Veteran

Memorial Day is a great time to remember our fallen soldiers, but it's also a wonderful occasion to show your appreciation and admiration to those war veterans who are right here with us. One best way to show them your admiration is to gift them with such special things that will let them take pride in their life-long struggle for their country and its people.

It's easy to come up with a gift idea for anybody on any occasion, but gifting a war veteran to show appreciation and admiration for showing exceptional valor for protecting the integrity of our nation is somewhat a difficult task. Let us help you with that!

These Memorial Day gifts will show your respect to the person you are gifting it to: Flag Case Shadow Box

This combination flag case shadow box with a glass cover on top of it is a perfect gift for a soldier. He can keep his badges, miniature flags, and stars inside this and it will transform them into a tapestry of living history. The box is made up of traditional Appalachian hardwood that makes it robust, a folded flag that instills a patriotic feeling and it comes with a brass plate fixed inside of it. Also, you can get five lines of text engraved on it.

This cherry flag case with base is another similar item that you may like. Rosewood Perpetual Plaque

If your Dad or grandfather is a war veteran he must have told you stories about his friends whom he fought with against the enemy. Take a note of the names of his friends and put them all along with the name of your grandfather on to this rosewood perpetual plaque. It has a high glass piano finish that gives it a very elegant look and it comes with 12 small solid brass plates and one huge brass plate attached to it. You can get all those names engraved on these plates and gift it to your grandfather or any other veteran you may know.

Other similar plaques that allows you to paste a picture on them too. Faceted Wedge Acrylic

Just gather your friends and present a memento to a war veteran who lives in your community. It will be a never-like-before experience to him. As a suggestion, this glass made faceted wedge acrylic award is the best thing you can come up with. It features a unique faceted design and comes in 5 reflective colors. Just get the name of the soldier laser engraved on it and give it to him in the presence of everybody.

If you want a cheaper alternative to it, then a patriotic trophy can serve your purpose here. Wine/Champagne Bottle

This is for those who love to do things somewhat differently. Just take your war veteran friend on a hill side or a lake side and celebrate this Memorial Day in the name of the fallen soldiers. Take this wine/champagne bottle along with you and enjoy the moment of pouring the wine as a celebration. You can also laser engrave your friend's picture and his name or some other text to give a more joyful experience to both of you.

Soldiers love to own accessories of different kind. Gift a rosewood wine box accessories to your wine/champagne loving friend. Personalize Your Own Gifts

If you have your own gift idea then this is going to make it more interesting. Blue Ribbon Trophy's custom and laser engraving options can transform the look of your gifts and make it more special and personal to its receiver. Be it made of metal or plastic or fiber, products ranging from a watch, knife, sword, pool cues, Yeti mugs, or even electronic devices like iPods, iPhones, cameras etc., can be laser engraved with text and pictures in order to personalize it for its receiver.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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