Perfect Awards and Gifts to Thank Someone This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, don't miss the opportunity to thank the 'angels' of your life. They can be your parents, children, spouse, or friends for always being there to lend you support whenever you needed them the most. Or, they can be your employees who continuously work hard for your company. 

For your family and close friends, invite them to a delicious meal at your home or somewhere out. You can also gift them nice, affordable  presents that truly shows your appreciation for them. For your employees, you can show your appreciation by organizing an awards banquet at the office.

Here are some inexpensive award and gift ideas for Thanksgiving:

Gifts for Relatives or Friends

Take time to think of a sentimental gift for your family and friends, or you can go with timeless gifts like wine. Gifting wine bottles has never been out of fashion. The best part is you can gift wine on any occasion. A nice bottle of wine to your parents, spouse, or friends is the best way to raise a toast for the love and support they unconditionally extend to you. You can also gift wine accessories or a wine chiller.

You can also give your lover a White Satin Heart Jewelry Box that shows your love and appreciation. The top of this box is lined with rhinestones that sparkle in every direction. The box is also lined with blue velvet interior that protects your precious jewelry. 

Awards or Gifts for Employees

You can choose to gift your employees individually, or you can award them collectively. A wood pen, card case & keychain gift set is a great option if you go the individual way. If you want to award them collectively, Jade Glass with Chrome Star is great to recognize the individuals who have exceeded the company’s expectations. This award comes with a Chrome Star Holder, which enhances its display.

Gifts for Anyone You Admire

You also have more specific gift options to thank a war veteran or a public figure whom you know. Our Cherry Flag Case Gold Trim can be a great present for a war veteran to keep their stars and badges that they would have earned fighting enemies of the nation.

Bronze Eagle Plaque American Flag is the perfect gift to recognize someone associated with the military. This plaque comes with an antique bronze flat relief eagle with a full-color American Flag mounted on it. You can customize it with up to 8 lines of text on a black plate with gold text and trim.

Wine Bottles

A wine bottle is a perfect gift for almost any occasion, like weddings, anniversaries, or Thanksgiving.  Our well-designed wine bottles are available in standard and large sizes and can be customized by adding graphics, the wine’s name, and the year at the bottom.  
Rosewood Wine Box w/Accessories

Our simple, yet beautiful single wine presentation box is designed with a rosewood finish and features accessories that make it a great gift to show your appreciation and gratitude on Thanksgiving. This wine box features one bottle of wine (not included), four accessories, and a clasp to keep it closed. You can customize this wine box with a logo or text of your choice.

Wine Chiller

Our wine chiller is exquisitely designed with high-class black marble and white veins.  Its unique style and elegance make it the perfect choice for Thanksgiving, weddings, and other holiday events. To make it even more special, personalize the wine chiller by adding a text or logo of your choice.  

Keepsake Box for Your Significant Other

Consider giving your significant other a sentimental present that expresses your love and appreciation for them that will last a lifetime. You can offer the Silver Heart Keepsake Box, which is lined with a lovely blue felt. This charming box can be personalized with your loved one's initials.

Gift for Your Teacher

Give your teacher a thoughtful gift this Thanksgiving to demonstrate how much you value and respect them. You can gift them the Carbon Fiber Black Desk Clock, which comes with a silver plate to customize with your own phrase, or the Glass Mirror Frame, which comes with a silver plate and can be personalized with up to three lines of text.

For Your Children

Need help finding personalized gifts for your children this Thanksgiving? Your kids will love the Rectangular Key Chain, Glitter Bag Tag, and Rosewood Pen, Pencil & Letter Opener. These are all wonderful and practical presents for them.

Show your appreciation in the form of gifts to someone special this Thanksgiving!


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