Personalized Engraved Gavel Sets for Lawyers and Judges

A gavel is a perfect gift for a president of an organization or committee, lawyer, judge, law clerk, or any individual responsible for making executive decisions. An engraved gavel set which includes the name, title, date, or logo is something which would always be liked by a lawyer or a judge.

We have compiled a list of custom and engraved gavel sets that can be easily personalized according to your preference:

  • Walnut Gavel Set This walnut gavel set features a premium walnut finish, which is perfect for a president of an organization or a person in a leadership role. You can personalize this wooden gavel set with a name, title, date or any text of up to 3 lines engraved on the gold band with black text. You can also add your logo on the sounding block, which comes with the set.

  • Walnut Gavel Plaque This walnut gavel plaque features a solid 10” gavel mounted on the plaque. It comes with a president’s disc on the top right corner of the plaque, which can be replaced with your own logo. This gavel set can be personalized with custom text engraving on the gavel and sounding block.

  • Rosewood Gavel Set As the name suggests, this personalized gavel set comes with a classy rosewood piano-finish, which can be presented to a president, director, judge, or any important personal in a leadership role at any special event. You can also add a name, title, date, or custom text on it for a personal touch. It comes in a beautiful box which makes it an excellent gifting option.

  • Walnut Gavel If you need a basic engraved gavel, this is the perfect option to consider. You can either go with the 8” ladies’ gavel or 10” men’s gavel, both come with a walnut finish. This wooden gavel can also be personalized with custom text on a gold band with black text. It fits into any budget.

  • Rosewood Gavel Plaque This personalized gavel plaque makes an elegant award that features a premium rosewood piano finish and a 10” gavel which is mounted on the top of the plaque. It is a perfect gifting option to recognize a president of an organization or committee for their years of service.

  • Rosewood Gavel Set The wooden gavel set comes with a rosewood gavel and a matching sounding block. Both of them feature a premium rosewood piano-finish. These two items are sold separately in their individual gift boxes. Both of them can be personalized by engraving up to 3 lines of black text on a gold band.

We have a wide range of gavel sets that can be personalized with our custom engraving services. Visit our showroom in Orange, CA or call us at 714-998-2611 to order the gavel set.


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