Recognize Front Line Heroes with Custom Awards and Trophies

Our front line heroes, such as doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and other healthcare professionals, have shown extraordinary will to fight the coronavirus pandemic. They risk their lives every day to keep us safe and healthy and to prevent the spread of the virus. They deserve to be appreciated and honored for their selfless care and relentless efforts. 

We have many customizable awards and trophies to honor the front line heroes. 

Doctor Resin Figure

This Doctor Resin Figure Award is designed in beautiful bronze color and has a classic yet stylish look. You can personalize this doctor resin figure with two lines of golden text on a black plate. It is perfect to show appreciation and thank our first responders for their exceptional service. 

Sweeping Heart

 This Sweeping Heart Award is designed with a high-end acrylic and can be customized by adding four lines of white text. It is a great choice to appreciate and honor a hospital, donor, doctor, nurse, or any first responder. 

Medical Caduceus Plaque

This award has a beautiful bronze caduceus, which sits on a genuine walnut plaque. You can customize this medical caduceus plaque with two lines of golden text on a black plate. It can be presented to recognize and honor the heroes of the medical field, such as doctors, emergency medical technicians, and nurses, as well as other first responders. 

Nurse Resin Figure

This Nurse Resin Figure Award comes with a beautiful bronze finish and has an elegant contemporary look. This award can be personalized by engraving two lines of golden text on a black plate. You can present this award to appreciate and thank our first responders for their outstanding service. 

Red Glass Heart

This Red Glass Award has an elegant red glass heart, which sits on a black glass plate. This red glass heart award can be personalized by adding four lines of golden text on a black plate.  It is a perfect choice to appreciate and thank a hospital, doctor, or donor. 

Contact us today or visit our showroom in Orange, CA if you are looking for a unique collection of awards and plaques to honor and praise the front line heroes. 


Blue Ribbon Trophy

Blue Ribbon Trophy® / LaserWerks® is a national leader in the recognition and awards industry. Our name is synonymous with glory, celebration and excellence. We deal with custom made awards and recognition products. Our services include acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, laser engraving, promotional products and custom job shop work. We have been in business for more than 63 years and our services are considered one of the best in the industry. Located in Orange, California, we are the most trusted name in awards and recognition in the nation. We offer customization options that fit all budgets.

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