Picture Frames to Celebrate Holidays and Special Occasions

Photographs are a great way to capture emotions and memorable moments of vacations, celebrations, and special occasions. A picture frame gives a beautiful finish and preserves your precious pictures or documents for years. We have a wide range of unique and customized picture frames to help you celebrate holidays and special occasions.  

Black Frame

This Black Frame has an easel back that allows it to hang or stand vertically or horizontally. You can gift it to anyone for any celebration such as a wedding, Father’s Day, anniversary, bridal shower, Mother’s Day, house warming, or any other special occasion. You can personalize it by adding up to three lines of silver text of your choice. 

Wood Frame 

This Wood Frame has a glass window front to secure the picture and an easel back that allows it to hang or stand horizontally or vertically. It is an ideal gift for celebrations such as graduation, coaches or assistant coaches award, Father’s Day, anniversary, or any special occasion. You can customize it by engraving up to two lines of text at the top and the bottom of the frame. 

Glass Certificate Frame

This Certificate Frame is made of black glass and can hold a standard size certificate and document. It won’t flatten or lose the impression of your seal. It is a perfect choice of gift for any college degree, graduate or post-graduate degree, master’s degree, attorney, doctor, dental and financial institution, or graphics and computer specialist. You can customize it by engraving a text. 

Hardwood 3×5 Frame

This Hardwood Picture Frame comes with an easel back for easy hanging and a glass front window for protection. You can get this frame either in horizontal or vertical shape. It can hold 3 1/2"x5" photo. You can personalize it by adding up to two lines of text at the bottom of the frame.

Hardwood 5×7 Frame

This Hardwood 5x7 Frame features a glass window front for protection and an easel back that allows it to hang or stand horizontally or vertically. It can hold 5"x7" photo. You can customize it by including up to three lines of text of your choice. 

Black 5×7 Graduation Frame

This Black Graduation Frame is a special frame that can be given to graduates to congratulate them and honor their years of hard work and dedication. The overall frame size is 6.125"L x 8.125"H and can hold 5" x 7" photo. This frame can be personalized by adding the name of the graduates, their college or university name, and graduating year. 

Slide-In Certificate Frame

This Slide-In Certificate Frame is a perfect gift for displaying elementary, middle, or high school diplomas or certificates. This nice and affordable frame has a Cherrywood finish, which can also be bought in a black marble foil finish. It is perfect for displaying any standard size document or certificate.

Certificate Holder

This Leatherette Certificate Holder is available in two different colors: Black & Blue. This is a great holder that parents can use to keep their son’s or daughter’s award certificate for their performance in academics, music, sports, athletic and/or any other outstanding recognition.

Hardwood 8x10 Frame

This Hardwood 8x10 Picture Frame is made up of high-quality hardwood with easel back and glass front window. It can be either used horizontally or vertically and is a perfect gift to preserve and display your memorable pictures from special occasions. You can customize it by engraving up to two lines of text directly on the hardwood.

At Blue Ribbon Trophy, we have a wide range of picture frames with great customization options available. Visit our showroom in Orange, CA, or call us at 714-998-2611 to learn more about our custom engraving services.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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