Spooky Contest Ideas for a Fun-filled & Exciting Halloween

Are you looking for ways to make your Halloween more special and fun? Consider hosting different contests with exciting spooktacular prizes and awards to be won! There are many Halloween-themed games and activities that you can engage in with your guests or family.

Here are a few contest ideas to help you get started:

1. Spooky Costume Contest

This is the most popular game played during Halloween, where everyone wears a spooky costume to the party and votes for their favorite one! This can be done at home, at a kids’ party, adult get-together, or even at the office.

2. Pumpkin Carving Contest

Having Jack-o-lanterns in the house during Halloween is a very old tradition. These lanterns can be made out of a carved pumpkin, turnip, or other root vegetables. You can conduct a contest and award those who carve the spookiest lantern.

3. Office Decoration Contest

Halloween is the perfect time to host an office decoration contest. You can choose a theme and bring your ideas to life. Then, once the office space is decorated, host a party and show it off.

4. Kid’s Halloween-themed Drawing Contest

Children love to draw. Conduct a Halloween-themed drawing competition where your children can enjoy drawing to their fullest enjoyment. You can also hand out participation awards to recognize their efforts.   

5. Scary Story Contest

Who doesn’t love to listen to spooky and creepy stories during Halloween time? This Halloween, conduct a scary story contest where the winner will be one whose story is the scariest.

6. Creepy Delicious Halloween Recipe Contest

This contest will definitely excite people who love food. Ask the participants to submit their recipes and have culinary experts judge the entries. 

7. Spooky Halloween Photo Contest

You can conduct a contest where the participants have to submit spooky photos of places, things, costumes, etc. The winner will be selected based on how scary their photos are.

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