Exciting Events That Will Add Fun to Your Easter Celebration

Easter marks the beginning of the spring, the warm weather that denotes greenery, freshness and, fertility. It is believed that the body’s organs are highly energized in this time of the year and a flavor of freshness brings inside the excitement for engaging in fun activities. This gives Easter a mark for the celebration of life!

Various Easter sports and other fun events are held in many parts of the...

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Amazing Gift Ideas for Life Events

Gifts are great medium to exchange your feelings, love and appreciation. They say a thousand words without even conversing. In fact, a gift is a language in itself. It contains no word, but it speaks your emotions so truly that even a child can understand your affection towards him/her.

Your family and friends are the ones who keep you going on. They keep carving a good person out of you to make you a...

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Custom Engravings: 5 Creative Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Giveaways

Engraving is the art of putting your emotions on an object. Engravings can be made on steel, glass, medals, plaques, wine glasses, and more. A custom engraved gift is an ideal giveaway for employees. Most of the companies in the US present their employees with engraved plaques, glass, metal goods and wine bottles to acknowledge their valuable contribution toward the company. Many prefer customized gifts with personal message engraved on it...

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Blue Ribbon Trophy: Recognizing Excellence Since 1954

In 1954, Mr. Ralph "Riverboat" Phillips and his wife Eleanor established Blue Ribbon Trophy in Orange County, California. Built in 1912, the first store was located in Buena Park, and to this day, the building still has its original wood flooring. The couple opened a second store in 1972 in the City of Orange, California. This location is now the Blue Ribbon Trophy company headquarters.

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