Tips for Designing Custom Awards and Trophies to Market Your Brand

The traditional rectangular-shaped award is so common that it may not realize the intended impact on the recipient. Why not create a custom award that has a unique shape? The award does not have to be restricted to geometrical shapes; it can even take the form of a sculpture.

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Personalized Engraved Gavel Sets for Lawyers and Judges

A gavel is a perfect gift for a president of an organization or committee, lawyer, judge, law clerk, or any individual responsible for making executive decisions. An engraved gavel set which includes the name, title, date, or logo is something which would always be liked by a lawyer or a judge.

We have compiled a list of custom and engraved gavel sets that can be easily personalized according to your...

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Why Are Perpetual Plaques the Most Popular Choice?

Companies often look for a way to provide their employees with the recognition they deserve while celebrating the group as a whole. Perpetual plaques offer them this unique opportunity. The plaques are popular with companies who like to recognize numerous employees once a month or throughout the year for a variety of reasons. Plaques can be designed for an "Employee of the Month" or simply to

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Make New Year Special with Exceptional Gifts for Loved Ones

The New year is eagerly awaited by everyone. People gear themselves up for celebrations, get-togethers, and shopping for their loved ones. This day is very special for your loved ones. The best way to express love to them, are gifts. You must make them realize that they’re special to you. It feels great when you see your loved ones smiling. You can consider

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Gifts Don't Need to be Expensive, They Need to be Special

The tradition of gift-giving is very old – almost as old as we humans are. Even in primitive cave culture, people used to gift each other with items like an unusually shaped rock, an animal's tooth, fruits or even the bark from a tree. The instinctive idea of giving gifts to one another in primitive people didn't come out of the urge to show their status symbol or flaunt their wealth, but out of the urge to show their love and...

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Amazing Gift Ideas for Life Events

Gifts are great medium to exchange your feelings, love and appreciation. They say a thousand words without even conversing. In fact, a gift is a language in itself. It contains no word, but it speaks your emotions so truly that even a child can understand your affection towards him/her.

Your family and friends are the ones who keep you going on. They keep carving a good person out of you to make you a...

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