Why Are Perpetual Plaques the Most Popular Choice?

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on individual plaques, employees all share a space on the same beautiful plaque. With a name being added every month, the savings will continue throughout the year. Perpetual plaques save you both money and space. Your plaque can hang front and center so that everyone can see it.

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Memorial Day 2017: Special Gift Ideas for Thanking a Veteran

Memorial Day is a great time to remember our fallen soldiers, but it's also a wonderful occasion to show your appreciation and admiration to those war veterans who are right here with us. One best way to show them your admiration is to gift them with such special things that will let them take pride in their life-long struggle for their country and its people.

It's easy to come up with a gift idea for...

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Blue Ribbon Trophy: Recognizing Excellence Since 1954

In 1954, Mr. Ralph "Riverboat" Phillips and his wife Eleanor established Blue Ribbon Trophy in Orange County, California. Built in 1912, the first store was located in Buena Park, and to this day, the building still has its original wood flooring. The couple opened a second store in 1972 in the City of Orange, California. This location is now the Blue Ribbon Trophy company headquarters.

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