Unique New Year Gift Ideas to Wow Your Employees and Clients

New Year is the perfect time to show your employees and clients how valuable they are for the success of your company. Giving them unique and personalized gifts will be the best way to express your gratitude towards them. You can customize these corporate gifts by including your company’s logo, colors, or a personal message that shows your appreciation.

We have compiled a list of unique gift ideas to surprise...

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Spooktacular Trophy Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Halloween is the best time to organize some fun-filled contests such as a scary costume contest or a haunted house contest. You can make these contests spookier by including spooktacular trophy ideas. You can even personalize the trophies by engraving some text or messages on them. If you are looking for some spooky ideas for your Halloween party,...

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5 Worst Trophy Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are planning to give someone an award, there are several common mistakes that can be easily avoided. Take a few minutes to ensure everything is in order days early. Catching mistakes early will give you time to make any necessary changes.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid while selecting or presenting an award or trophy:
  1. Broken or Damaged...

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Celebrate Halloween with These 'Spooktacular' Trophy Ideas

October 31st is Halloween, which means the time for making your events fun-filled and spooky, with some themed contests like a scary costume contest or a haunted house contest. If you're still undecided about the contest activities or the 'spooktacular' Halloween trophy ideas, here's some help:

Halloween Scary Costume Awards

You can present awards for...

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How Personalized Gifts Strengthens the Bond With Associates

A customized individual gift given from companies to employees and clients is a major part of building a strong relationship. Giving the right personalized gift can lead to a number of positive outcomes, such as boosting your brand value or strengthening bonds. Choose a gift that employees can use often.

Make sure that the gift is appropriate for the business relationship. If...

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