5 Things to Consider When Buying Corporate Awards

A corporate award indicates a level of achievement that was attained through hard work and commitment to the company. It also signifies the company's appreciation for their efforts. The corporate award you choose to give should be the one that you would be proud to receive.

If you're in charge of deciding what type of corporate award should be given, the following five tips will help:

  1. Manufacturer vs Vendor A trophy shop might be able to answer your questions, but going to the manufacturer allows you the privilege of working with the staff who actually designed the award. Going to the manufacturer also allows you to customize an award unique to your company.

  2. Price and Quality Corporate awards should be of the highest quality possible. Awards that are cheaply made won't last and will show a lack of respect for your employee's efforts. Quality doesn't come cheap, but take into consideration the amount of effort the employee put into the company to deserve the award.

  3. Good Engraving Is Essential Any award can be beautifully made, but it's the engraving that sets the standard. Quality engraving is characterized by smooth lines that are uniform and graceful. If you purchase your award from a vendor, make sure they use state-of-the-art tools during the engraving process.

  4. Ask Questions Before you buy any award, ask questions so that you know exactly what you will be getting. Check whether you will be able to customize the award according to your preference. Make sure you have an opportunity to preview what the award will look like before it's created.

  5. Sizzle and Style You want an award that stands out and is an extension of your style. A corporate award represents the gratitude felt by the company for an employee's work. It isn't a general, every day award. When choosing the right award, go the extra mile and make sure it's both stylish and grand.

  6. Consider the Material Corporate awards are made of various materials, but one of the most popular and affordable choices is acrylic. Acrylic reflects one of the highest standards and looks elegant like glass, but is not as fragile. Crystal is another beautiful material that shines from all sides, providing a rich look. You can also choose other materials depending on your preferences and budget, such as wood, glass and metal. 

  7. Unique Design Whether you choose crystal awards, wooden plaques, or acrylic awards, they should look exceptional to make your recipients feel special and honored. Awards designed with excellent craftsmanship, finesse and finishing, receive the greatest attention, so make sure to buy corporate awards with clear, attractive designs.

  8. Consider the Purpose Various corporate awards are available, such as a perpetual plaque, clock, and acrylic or crystal awards, for honoring teamwork and individuals.  Instead of choosing the awards randomly, consider why you are giving them. Whether it is for recognizing the employee of the month, appreciating outstanding performance, or honoring a retiring employee, choose the awards that best serve your unique purpose. 

Corporate awards should be well thought out and of the highest quality possible. If you find yourself in the position of purchasing corporate awards, go for the gold and choose the ones your company will be proud of.

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