Tips for Successful Virtual Award Ceremonies

Our world has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Company activities of all kinds, including award ceremonies, have gone virtual. Organizations of all sizes and sectors are adjusting to help preserve social distance while still acknowledging their employees’ hard work through virtual award ceremonies.

Virtual award ceremonies have multiple benefits, which include:

  • Keeping everyone safe
  • No extra cost for food, venue, and travel expenses which reduces the overall budget.
  • Sponsors, presenters, and guest speakers can take part, who previously couldn’t take part in ceremonies due to travel, can attend virtually.
  • These virtual events are also good content for your company to post on their digital platforms.

Here are a few tips with which you can make your virtual award ceremony a success:

Make Appropriate Plans

A solid plan is like a blueprint for your ceremony, just like it is for any other event, virtual or not. Choose a convenient day and time for all participants, including guests. Once a set time is determined, you may design a schedule for the event day. These are all critical factors to include when sending out invitations for the awards ceremony (either physical or digital).

Involve the Team

Depending on the nature of your awards ceremony, it may be a good idea to let your employees or other team members vote (anonymously) on the winners rather than having a standard panel of judges or allowing management to choose honorees. Wait until the actual ceremony to announce the results; this will go a long way toward keeping the entire team involved and motivated.

Choose Your Technology Wisely

Select a suitable video conferencing platform that can manage the number of participants you anticipate. It is possible that your company may need to pay for the right technology, so plan accordingly. Let everyone know what you've chosen ahead of time so they can become familiar with the platform and avoid issues on the day of the ceremony. Check the network infrastructure and internet bandwidth of the workplace you'll be hosting from if you're the host.

Make it Easily Accessible

Record the ceremony as it happens live for those who are unable to attend. Include elements such as subtitles for speakers and large, readable print for people with visual or hearing problems. Upload the completed product to your website or video platforms so that everyone can share it on their own websites or social media accounts. After all, who doesn't enjoy discreetly boasting about their achievements?

Choose the Correct Award

The most important part of the ceremony is to give the correct award. This is to show the recipients that you appreciate the work they've been performing as an employee of your business or team. This is your chance to choose the perfect award for them. You can give them Acrylic Diamond on Base, Faceted Mounted Cut Acrylic, Multi-Faceted Diamond, Clear Glass Summit, and many more! Engrave the awards with the recipients’ names and have them shipped straight to their houses in a timely and stress-free manner.

Blue Ribbon Trophy provides custom awards and trophies that can be given to employees and clients in a virtual ceremony. We also offer text and image engraving options to make the awards extra special for the recipients. To know more about which award to give in a virtual ceremony, contact us.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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