Trophy Vs. Awards: What Adds More Value and When?

Being given a token of achievement via an award can be one of the most memorable events in your life. Oftentimes given as a result of a sacrifice in recognition of your hard work and dedication, awards are indicative of something that you have been working towards since a long time with complete dedication.Similar to awards, trophies may be given in light of a competition to exemplify being the "best of the best".

Awards   Awards are commonly given to reflect more than just a "one-time" win. Awards are intended to be a direct reflection of one's achievements on a grand scale.

  • Unlike trophies, awards are meant to be a larger depiction of an individual and their hard work. These are used to better describe that individual's performance over an extensive span of time.
  • Awards can come in the form of certificates, monetary gains, and titles. An example of a title for an award would be "Nobel Peace Prize Winner", and typically accompany a smaller token of your efforts.
  Trophies   Trophies can be given in the form of statues, custom engravings, symbolic figures, or even in monetary gains
  • Trophies are given during competitions, typically with a high-stake win/loss on the line. The figure, itself, is intended to represent the contestants rating among other people with similar attributes.
  • Trophies may also be used to describe one's behavior. "Trophy husband" is a term used to describe a husband who acts in a manner synonymous with the highest standard of husbands. Generally speaking, trophy is considered a compliment when utilized in this way.

While there are clearly similarities between trophies and awards, it is important to point out the most significant difference between the two. Trophies are generally utilized with short-term competitions and awards are generally given with long-term accomplishments. Despite the terminology, any token of achievement is one worth celebrating.


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