Unique Golf Awards to Recognize Exceptional Performance

It requires great focus, commitment, strong mindset, and strategy to become a good golfer. Therefore, good golfers must be encouraged after a great performance. We have a compiled a list of personalized and unique golf awards which can be given to golfers for their exceptional performance in the game.

Golf Crystal Award
The Golf Crystal Award is the best on our list to encourage a golf player. It is a unique golf award with a 3D rendition of a golf-player inside the crystal. You can personalize this award with your choice of text, which can be engraved right into the base. It comes packed in a beautiful deluxe velour lined presentation box.

Silver Male Golfer
This Silver Male Golfer award carries a full swing golfer, which is made of oxidized silver. The full swing golfer in silver is the key attraction of this award. It has a walnut pyramid base carrying a black plate, where you can add the text of your choice engraved with silver font.

Gold Metal Cup
If you need a simple yet unique golf award, this Gold Metal Cup is the best option to consider. It features a shiny gold metal cup on the best quality and genuine marble base. It is available in seven different sizes with customization options.

Bronze Male Victory
This large Bronze Male Victory award is a great option to recognize the highest level of performance by any male golfer. It features a premium quality walnut pyramid base with a black plate where you can engrave text with gold text and trim. 

Bronze Female Victory
This Bronze Female Victory award is an excellent way to recognize a female golfer for her exceptional performance in the game. It features a standout, shiny female figure recognizing the highest honor of the achievement, which sits on a walnut base. You can personalize it with custom text engraved on a black plate with gold text and trim.

Blue Ribbon Trophy offers a wide range of unique golf awards, which can be personalized with our custom engraving services. Visit our showroom in Orange, CA or call us at 714-998-2611 to order unique golf awards.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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