Unique New Year Gift Ideas to Wow Your Employees and Clients

New Year is the perfect time to show your employees and clients how valuable they are for the success of your company. Giving them unique and personalized gifts will be the best way to express your gratitude towards them. You can customize these corporate gifts by including your company’s logo, colors, or a personal message that shows your appreciation.

We have compiled a list of unique gift ideas to surprise your employees and clients this New Year:

Wood Pen, Card Case & Keychain Gift Set 

A perfect corporate gift that can be easily customized to add a personal touch! Our Wood Pen, Business Card Case & Keychain Gift Set comes in a presentation box. This gift set can be personalized with initials or company’s logo lasered on the outside of the card case, on the pen or the keychain.

Rosewood Business Card Case 

Help your employees make a great impression with a business card case! This Business Card Case comes with a rosewood piano finish and has gold accents that give it an elegant touch. You can personalize it with a name or 1 line of text custom engraved on the small gold plate.

Carbon Fiber Black Desk Clock 

An exquisite piece your employees and clients can display on their work desk! Our Carbon Fiber Black Desk Clock has a high gloss lacquer finish with silver metal accents. It comes with a silver plate on which you can engrave up to 3 lines of text in black.

Rosewood Piano Finish Box 

A great gift to thank your employees and clients for loyalty and association! This Rosewood Box features beautiful piano finish with beige felt lining. It can be used as a keepsake box. You can personalize it by engraving up to 3 lines of gold text on the black plate on the top of the box.

Oval Keychain 

A simple way to appreciate your employees and clients for their time and efforts! This Polished Silver Oval Keychain comes with matte silver engravable inserts. You can personalize this great token of appreciation by engraving up to 3 small lines of text on it. You can gift boxed individually.

Solid Walnut Name Plate

 Help your employees designate their name, position, and achievement with a perfect name plate! Our Solid Walnut Name Plate comes with a black plate that has gold text and trim or the option to laser right into the wood. You can personalize it with name only or name and title.

Beveled Smoked Mirror Plaque

Appreciate your employees and clients for their dedication and effort with the right words! Our Beveled Smoked Mirror Plaque, made of glass, comes with a silver plate. You can engrave the silver plate with customized text and trim in black.

Hardwood 8x10 Frame

A simple gift to help your employees and clients preserve good memories! The Hardwood 8×10 Frame comes with easel black and glass front window. You can personalize it by engraving text either vertically or horizontally.

The Giving Heart

Our giving heart is made of high-end acrylic and is an ideal gift to thank your employees and clients this New Year. Show your love, appreciation, and gratitude with this beautifully crafted heart-shaped crystal. You can personalize it by engraving a few lines of white text directly into the acrylic.

Crystal Flame

Simple yet elegant, this award is a perfect choice to present your employees for their dedication and excellence at work. This standalone crystal flame with a jeweled edge has a prism effect on the base with a coating that reflects rainbow colors through the crystal. It is available in three sizes and can be customized by getting a few lines of white text etched into the crystal.

Skeleton Clock

A great gift to appreciate your employees’ time and efforts at work! Our quartz skeleton clock has a beautiful rosewood piano finish with brass accents. You can personalize it with three lines of gold text on a black plate.

Five Column Diamond

Made of optical crystal and with a crystal clear base, this five-column diamond is an excellent way to honor your employees for their perseverance and commitment throughout the entire year. It can be laser engraved with four lines of white text on the base and a logo on the center column.

Silver Star on Large Crystal Base

This attractive, shiny silver star on a large crystal base is a wonderful gift to make your employees and clients feel valued. It is available in two sizes and can be customized with five lines of text with a silver plate. 

Faceted Mountain Cut Acrylic

Consider giving this amazing acrylic award to your employees for their dedication towards the company during the past year. Our Faceted Mountain Cut’s iconic design and shape make it a beautiful new year's gift. This award is available in different colored reflective bottoms, which include red, blue, green, or silver. 

Smoked Glass Clock

A wonderful glass clock that has an elegant contemporary look, with a piano finish, for your employees and clients. The Smoked Glass Clock has a silver clock with a silver accents and can be personalized with a silver and black text with up to 4 lines of text included.

Star Meteor Award

Appreciate the dedication of your employees and clients with the Star Meteor Award! This award comes on a beautiful crystal base with text laser etched in the crystal base. You can also add a logo on the star as an option.

Rosewood Pen, Pencil & Letter Opener

Present your employees and clients with this perfect useful corporate gift! The Rosewood Pen, Pencil & Letter Opener is a gift set that comes with a pen, pencil and a letter opener in a hinged rosewood finished wooden case. You can personalize it with up to 2 lines of text and add the logo of your company or letters on the wooden case. 

Choose from our wide range of personalized products and reward your employees and clients for the role they play in the success of your company.


Blue Ribbon Trophy

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