Why Are Perpetual Plaques the Most Popular Choice?

Companies often look for a way to provide their employees with the recognition they deserve while celebrating the group as a whole. Perpetual plaques offer them this unique opportunity. The plaques are popular with companies who like to recognize numerous employees once a month or throughout the year for a variety of reasons. Plaques can be designed for an "Employee of the Month" or simply to recognize exemplary service any time an employee deserves it.

Here are some reasons that make perpetual plaques the most popular choice:
  • An Excellent Value Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on individual plaques, employees all share a space on the same beautiful plaque. With a name being added every month, the savings will continue throughout the year. Perpetual plaques save you both money and space. Your plaque can hang front and center so that everyone can see it.

  • Continued Recognition Employees will continue to be recognized even after the plaque has been filled. Every employee whose name appears on the plaque will continue to be recognized as long as it remains on the wall. Year after year, each employee will be recognized for all of the efforts they have put into making your company what it is today.

  • Attractive and Stylish Plaques come in many different shapes, colors, and styles, allowing it to be used within any décor. Many awards are simple, and each one resembles another. With perpetual plaques, you can maintain the same design year after year, or you can change the look, making each one unique.

  • Easy to Customize Perpetual plaques are easy to customize. You can include a picture or have your brand emblazoned across the top. The plaques are made to your specifications so you will be proud to hang it on the wall of your business. They also come in a variety of sizes and can have as many nameplates as you want to be added to the face of the plaque.

    Perpetual plaques allow you to recognize employees both individually and collectively. Everyone receives the same accolades and appreciation, maintaining a uniformity within the workplace. They are an ideal way to make sure each and every employee receives the recognition they deserve.

    At Blue Ribbon Trophy, we provide customized perpetual plaques that help you show your gratitude in a way that everyone can appreciate!

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