Why You Should Give Participation Awards

Nowadays, participation awards are popular. A participation award is given to those who participate in positive activities like sports, academics, quizzes, and the arts. Participation trophies boost the confidence of contestants who were not able to finish in the first place. These awards urge them not to give up and give their best in the future. 

Reasons to Give Participation Awards

Participation awards like trophies, medals, mementos, etc., play an important role in encouraging people to participate in various competitive activities. Below are a few reasons why giving participation awards is important.

Inspires learning

A winner may assume that they are perfect and have nothing to learn, while someone who lost may feel disheartened and lose interest in the competition. In most cases, the latter mindset proves true. Fortunately, the participation award encourages all participants to work hard to achieve success in the future.

Shows that participation matters

Participation awards teach that it is acceptable to lose. Receiving participation awards shows that participating in the contest is what truly matters, despite whatever the outcome is.

Promotes team spirit and unity

Participation awards promote teamwork as everyone gets acknowledged for their hard work and feels satisfaction. They might work together with others without any issue to give their best in the future.

Types of Participation Awards

There are various types of awards you can give to an individual who has participated in a competition. Some of them are as follows:

Participation awards for competitive events

In various competitive sports, individual and team participants receive medals and T-shirts even if they don’t win. Professional athletes also get participation awards even if they are injured or sitting on a bench and weren’t able to contribute much to the event. 

Participation awards for budding athletes

The coach gives this type of award to an athlete who isn’t a star but has been working hard and participating to stay active. Giving them awards not only motivates them to participate more but also ignites their passion for winning.

Participation awards as mementos

Sometimes instead of trophies or medals, a participant might receive a memento as an award. It’s given to recognize the sportsmanship and the hard work done by athletes and employees. In many companies, employees receive ‘Years of Service’ awards for working for a particular period in cash or hardware. This kind of award motivates retention, regardless of performance.
Lastly, participation awards honor all those participants who show up daily and are ready to work hard. We at Blue Ribbon Trophy have various custom-made participation awards that you can give to the hard-working athletes who regularly participate in competitive events. To learn more about our many participation awards, contact us.


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