5 Worst Trophy Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are planning to give someone an award, there are several common mistakes that can be easily avoided. Take a few minutes to ensure everything is in order days early. Catching mistakes early will give you time to make any necessary changes.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid while selecting or presenting an award or trophy:

Broken or Damaged Rewards

Order your awards early. Make sure that they arrive approximately a week before you hand them out. This gives you enough time to go through the box and make sure each award is in good condition. If one happens to be broken or damaged, you will have ample time to order a replacement.

Misspelled Names or Words

Double check the spelling of each name as well as the writing on each award. This way you will catch any errors before the order is placed. Once the order arrives, look over each award to ensure there were no misspellings.

Too Many Words

Keep the wording to a minimum. You don't have to tell the entire story on the front of the trophy. A simple phrase like “Best Salesperson for 2018” will suffice. If you want to put their total sales on the trophy, that's acceptable. In this case, less is more.

Award Doesn't Match the Achievement

When choosing an award, always make sure that it matches the achievement. You don't give a small desk trophy to someone who's retiring after 40 years. Create a beautiful plaque that they will hang in their home with pride.

No Presentation Ceremony

If you are going to the trouble of picking out the perfect award, the least you can do is organize a celebration party where you can give the person the credit that's due. Giving the trophy to them while it's still in the box is not only tacky, it's insincere.

Cheap or Tacky Trophies

Awards are meant to be special and convey a sense of excellence and appreciation. Don’t reduce the value of showing appreciation for the recipients by taking a cheaper route. 

The Age of the Recipients

One of the main things to mind when choosing a trophy is the age of the recipient. Children league rewards should be age-appropriate and small enough for them to enjoy, whereas for adults, they should be comparatively big.

Trophy Weight

Although not typically thought of on the surface, trophy weight has a substantial message to participants regarding your appreciation for them. Heavy trophies present the award as thoughtful and communicates to the recipient that they are valued.

Trophy Size

The size of the trophy will help distinguish the difference between the recipients’ results. For example, if there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, then each trophy should have a different size that is appropriate for each result.

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Spending money on awards is a great idea if you take the steps to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Accurate wording, minimal text, and awards that are in good condition are a must. At Blue Ribbon Trophy, make the right statement by choosing the perfect trophy!

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