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Cherry Shadow Box with Gold Trim


Presentation is everything. Appropriate presentation transforms simple items into a tapestry of living history.  Our Shadow boxes are great to display achievements for Law Enforcement, Military, Fire, Olympics, Sports Memorabilia or anything you or someone you love is proud of.

Traditional Appalachian Hardwood with an elegant Queen Anne Cherry Finish, distinctive gold accent moulding, sturdy masonite backing and 1/8" glass front in our popular wall-mounted cases.  Depth between the glass and masonite measures ¾".

Offered in Velcro compatible velour for an additional charge. Please call for pricing.

Wall mountable only with keyholed, ready to hang.

Price includes engraving on a Brass Plate with Black letters and up to 6 lines of text.

Shadow Box can be Mounted/Hung Horizontal or Vertical

Your choice of Black or Blue Velour.

Price does not include mounting.

Made In America

SB-505-A: 8" W x 10" H x 1 9/16" D

SB-505-B: 10½" W x 13½" H x 1 9/16" D

SB-505-C: 12½" W x 15½" H x 1 9/16" D

SB-505-D: 14" W x 20" H x 1 9/16" D

  • SB-505