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Fantasy Baseball Couch Potato Perpetual


A Bronze Resin Baseball Player sitting on a couch mounted on a Black Walnut Base.  This is a fun, great Perpetual Fantasy Baseball Trophy.  12 plates fit around the trophy on the bottom base.  Each Year you can have them engraved with the winning name.

Included is a Black Heading Plate with Gold text engraved with your choice of up to 4 lines of text and/or a graphic. 

If the season isn't over yet and you need to catch up from previous years...order perpetual plates in the perpetual plate section on the website with the name & date for the years you need.

Overall Size: 5" x 5" x 12"

Top Base Size: 4" x 4" x 1.5"

Bottom Base: 5" x 5" x 5"

  • 70003-Z
  • 1.00